Welcome Phonup

Change of course for Celluvale, franchise project in Italy in the sale of used smartphone / regenerated and in the field of professional repairs. The company has implemented a rebranding process from Celluvale to Phonup.

The new brand, including the general curiosity of the experts of the web works, presents itself to the market with a new logo design, a renewed packaging and redesign of the website, and the restyling of the store of the commercial network. The whole concept of anglophone Phonup focuses on speed and on a new approach to secure and express repair. Values towards which expand its core business in full compliance with new industry trends.

Change the brand identity of a business can be a great opportunity to re-launch and access to new markets. A change of brand, then, that was accompanied by a careful process of planning, translating business objectives of strategic and internationalization of the project in franchise repositioning. Great enthusiasm and determined positive signals from the London market, where last July 5 was opened the first flagship store Phonup in Finsbury Park. On the table in talks with Brazil and the United States.