A future with longer-life smartphones and tablets means improving people’s lives and making the environment smile. In fact, increasing the usable value of a device through reuse entails a major environmental saving in terms of emissions and energy.

Sometimes it would be enough for a regeneration process to increase the efficiency of your cellphone by 100%. By purchasing a second-hand phone, you can save up to 30% on your purchase cost and provide substantial help to the environment. For this reason, all Phonup devices are subjected to a severe regeneration / reconditioning process that allows for better long-term efficiency. All this is done through 5 Steps and 35 tests on hardware and software.


1 – Check external components                                                              
During the first phase, check that all external components of the device (LCD, glass, housing, keys) and accessories are intact and working.

2 – Verification of functions and quotation
At this stage, we perform 35 tests to detect possible hardware and software abnormalities. Then, based on any defects, proceed with the quotation of the device.

3 – Regeneration process
Replacing the component that has encountered anomalies during the previous tests is proceeded. The spare parts used for the reconditioning of our devices are all original and have production certificate and serial number tracking of the motherboard. They are also checked through a further Phonup test by our qualified technicians and later installed accurately.

4 – Hardware and software testing                                                                            
After regeneration, our technicians test the hardware and software again to check and certify the perfect operation. The tests are divided into: Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Microphone, Speaker, Headphone, Vibration, Flash, Front Camera, Main Camera, Slots, LCD, Test Display, Pixel Test, Volume Keys, Mute Key, Home Key, battery status, battery temperature, battery capacity, accelerometer, sensors, gyro sensor, call test, structural conditions, aesthetic conditions headphone jack, aesthetic conditions USB port, aesthetic conditions ignition key, aesthetic keyboard conditions, aesthetic conditions home key, aesthetic conditions SIM , aesthetic conditions volume keys.

5 – hygienization process                                                                            
Finally, proceed with the accurate cleaning of the device through specific detergents,impurities and dust removal accessories.

After the regeneration process has ended our device is ready for a new life.

Phonup. Your Mobile, Our care.

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