The widest range of Smartphones and Tablets

 Buy and Sell

 The widest range of Smartphones and tablets to the latest generation both new, used and with the best value for money. The second hand devices are guaranteed 12 months.

 Trade In 

Phonup restores value in second hand devices, that is why you can exchange your old Smartphone with another second hand device or refurbished, safely and for the best price.


 Express Repair

A team of certified technicians will support the customer to find the best solution, even if the device is out of warranty. The each repaired device has 12 months warranty.

What is Phonup?

It’s a franchising network offering services about express repairs of mobiles, smartphones and tablets used and guaranteed


Look at the video and find out the franchising

  • A week from launching Phonup Finsbury Centre, I'm really happy with the way business has developed and moved on. Now we can present our product and servicers with confidant to the customers, having the shop done by Phonup brought the businesses to high level of professionalism, the quality of our stock been move to be the best and with great feedback from customers, many more phones has been process during the day and we undertake larger numbers of repairs, so turnover has jumped substantially. Of course, I have more overheads too, but the underlying trend is certainly onwards and upwards! Managing a Phonup Centre was one of my high light of my career, also based on my experience over ten years as a shop manager for repair centre company, I knew I could count on absolute support from Phonup and I was confident that there was plenty of opportunity to secure new customers and grow, reflecting the quality and professionalism of the Phonup brand - after all, we're not some back mobile shop, but a trusted company providing market leading repair services!
    Amer Alfrk
    Amer Alfrk Phonup - Finsbury Park