The annual report of the Deloitte Global Mobile consumer survey 2016, says that franchises are one of the companies that have best known how to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis of recent years. More and more people decide to rely on this business method as an alternative to DIY, to leap into the unknown that often leads to failures and early closure. According to the report, from 2010 to present open franchises have been many thousands with a turnover that has reached 31.8 billion (+ 15.8% in two years) and an exponential growth also concerning employment with millions new jobs including holders. An indicator of good health for an industry that has roots across the world and it brings many advantages for those who decide to join a brand already stable in domestic and international markets.

Advantages of a franchise business..

The main advantage for people who decide to enter the world of franchising is very simple: open a store by relying on an established brand that operates in a fast-growing market reduces risks of failure and a big chunk of expenses that individually would not even be considered. Enter the world of franchising, allows to start quickly without large investments and with little risk. Thanks to the franchise you can open a store having more advantages compared to a person who opens it independently. All hypothetical flaws and holes in the market are in fact culled from corporate franchising know-how which over the years have tried and tested many different marketing strategies, thus reducing the risk of loss for himself and automatically the potential franchisee, which in this case would be you. Start with the ground flattened and clear ideas helps not to invest in a hurry and consequently wrong, which may bring serious economic losses.

See all the benefits of membership to a brand:

Experience: the affiliate can use any commercial, administrative, managerial and organizational knowledge, acquired after years of investment and marketing studies consolidated over time. Draw on the experience of a franchise means relying on a team of experts always available to the franchisee and ready to give you the best solution possible in every area. Very important and not to be underestimated, is the consideration of economic loss that the brand has faced and overcome in the various stages of the development of your project, phases that all companies are facing, and that will be avoided because the affiliation.

Loyalty:selling the merchandise and products put on the market will be easier thanks to brand awareness on national territory.

Training (Know how): a team of experts will carry out an in-company training for a perfect understanding, drafting and subsequent implementation of all phases of work belonging to the reference activity to be carried out within your store.

Support:the affiliate may use the daily support and experience of franchising in the management of its store with a team of administrative, commercial and marketing and communications experts.

Costs: “unity is strength”.’.  A franchise with a large network of stores, has the potential to combine their economic and organizational resources and to take advantage of very high budget of advertising and marketing, which would otherwise be impossible to tackle for a single investor. Also, in terms of buying goods, the franchisor has a greater purchasing power, with affordable prices and quantities totally different from an individual store.

Wide margins: franchisors are able to ensure that those who choose to become affiliated to their network of stores, maximum security in terms of profit with a minimum investment. All thanks to their know-how, at highly competitive prices, and previous experience.

Local presence: Local presence: Belong to a network of franchise stores gives a chance to every single store to be present directly and indirectly nationwide, physically (with an exclusive territory to within several kilometers) and digital format through various social networks, e-commerce and advertising campaigns aimed at strengthening the brand.

Visit the franchise Phonup project that redefines the concept of phone store. The network of franchise stores Phonup is designed based on these benefits. .

The network of franchise stores Phonup is designed based on these benefits.

Nowadays the only sale of the services of operators and new cell phones doesn’t allow the reseller to obtain optimum gain margins. The concept of franchising stores Phonup provides for the introduction of the sale of used mobiles and fixings express. The end customer has a point of reference for all products and services related to the world of telephony. The company was founded in 2009 as the first company in Italy that specializes in the sale of used mobiles and regeneration of those that aren’t working. By 2014 we decided to transfer our know-how to those who want to open a store/kiosk franchise Phonup.

Visit the franchise Phonup project that redefines the concept of phone store.

The company’s objective, with the Phonup franchise project, is to provide mobile phone enthusiasts with a real opportunity to earn.


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